Pay For Success

South Carolina Pay for Success Discussed at HHS Confirmation Hearing

Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) asked Rep. Tom Price (R-GA), nominee for the Secretary of Health & Human Services, about opportunities for Pay for Success innovation in the department, citing the Nurse-Family Partnership Project in South Carolina.

ICS conducted the feasibility study that led to this Pay for Success project, the first in the U.S. to focus on home-visiting programs. Information on the project can be found here.

Video clip of the hearing appears below, as does an edited transcript:

Senator Tim Scott: South Carolina launched the nation’s first statewide Pay for Success project with Nurse Family Partnership with the use of Medicaid funds. Twenty percent of the babies born in South Carolina are born to first time low-income mothers. We also have a much higher than average infant mortality rate.

Nurse Family Partnership is evidence-based and has already shown real results both in the health of the mothers and the babies, but also in other aspects of the mother’s life such as graduation rates for teen moms and unemployment rates.

What are your thoughts on in a Pay for Success model to achieve success metrics?

Rep. Tom Price: It sounds like a great program that has the right metric and that is the quality of care and the improvement of lives and as you state if it’s having that kind of success it probably ought to be put there as a best practice for other states to look at and try to model.