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25th of April 2017

Powered by ICS Coaching, City of Tempe, Arizona Moves to Expand High-Quality Preschool

The Institute for Child Success (ICS) is proud to announce an exciting result of a feasibility study it coached in Tempe, Arizona: Tempe has decided to expand free high-quality preschool!   With funds from the federal Social Innovation Fund Pay for Success (PFS) program, ICS has provided technical assistance over 10 months to guide the […]

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6th of February 2017

How Henry McMaster can make SC a great place for kids (Cross Post)

JAMIE MOON   Guest Columnist The State As the new leader of our state, Gov. Henry McMaster can continue our progress on early childhood issues — which know no political boundaries but benefit all South Carolinians.  The state reached its highest ranking yet for children’s well-being: 41st in the Annie E. Casey Foundation’s 2016 KIDS […]

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25th of January 2017

South Carolina Pay for Success Discussed at HHS Confirmation Hearing

Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) asked Rep. Tom Price (R-GA), nominee for the Secretary of Health & Human Services, about opportunities for Pay for Success innovation in the department, citing the Nurse-Family Partnership Project in South Carolina. ICS conducted the feasibility study that led to this Pay for Success project, the first in the U.S. to […]

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10th of January 2017

ICS Receives Award from Nonprofit Finance Fund to Support Pay for Success Project in Spartanburg

The Institute for Child Success has received $200,653 from Nonprofit Finance Fund (NFF) as part of a federal effort powered by the Corporation for National and Community Service’s Social Innovation Fund to address entrenched social challenges. The funds will bring Spartanburg partners together around shared goals for improved outcomes for families and children through the […]

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4th of January 2017

Santa Clara County unveils ‘Pay for Success’ mental health plan (Cross Post)

More than a year ago, Santa Clara County embarked on its first “Pay for Success” project — a partnership geared toward permanently sheltering chronically homeless people — and Tuesday officials approved a similar plan to help those with severe mental disorders. “Partners in Wellness” is a plan aimed at getting 250 mentally ill people who use […]

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Salt Lake County Launches 2 PFS Projects to Cut back on Homelessness and Incarceration

Salt Lake County Mayor Ben McAdams’ grand plan is ready to roll — a new approach to finding housing for the homeless and keeping men with drug or mental-health problems from recycling in and out of jail. McAdams formally launched two “Pay for Success” programs Monday, proclaiming that if they succeed as he expects, the […]

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3rd of January 2017

Webinar Recording: Pay for Success Technical Assistance Applications

ICS is currently holding its third annual Technical Assistance Competition. This technical assistance will help jurisdictions move towards implementing Pay for Success (PFS) financing to improve outcomes for young children. ICS’s technical assistance will help states and local governments determine whether to pursue PFS financing to begin or expand services for young children and their families. […]

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12th of December 2016

VA Awards Grant for Veterans Employment Pay for Success Program (Cross Post)

WASHINGTON – The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Center for Innovation, together with the Corporation for National and Community Service’s Social Innovation Fund, awarded the Veterans Employment Pay for Success (VEPFS) Program grant to the social investment firm, Social Finance, Inc. As awarded, the $3 million employment, labor and training grant will support the employment […]

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Urban Institute Creates Pay for Success Early Childhood Education Toolkit

Scaling what works in early childhood education High-quality early-childhood education can have significant positive impact on the lives of children. But those considering Pay For Success financing as a means to develop such programs are faced with answering some tough questions right at the start. How do we decide on appropriate outcomes and how will we […]

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9th of December 2016

Lessons from South Carolina’s Pay for Success Pilot Period

It was a proud day for ICS when South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley announced the Nurse–Family Partnership Pay for Success Project back in February. ICS had been a key proponent of this project from its early days, conducting the feasibility study that explored using Pay for Success (PFS) financing to expand this evidence-based home-visiting model […]

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