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26th of July 2018

Pay for Success can be a tool to improve Social Determinants of Health

By Keller Anne Ruble, Associate Director of Policy Research What do you think is the biggest contributor to a person’s overall health? Genetics? Health insurance coverage? How much water you drink during the day? None of the above.  In fact, genes and access to medical care only account for 40% of your overall health (20% […]

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17th of July 2018

“And How Are The Children?” Reflections on ICS’ 4th PFS Convening of Early Childhood Advisors

By Mary Garvey, Director of Innovation and Inclusion There is a tribe of people that inhabits parts of Kenya and northern Tanzania.  For generations they have greeted one another with the saying: “And how are the children.”  The expected response is: “The children are well.  Yes, all the children are well.”  Two things stand out […]

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29th of March 2018

New resource: Opportunities for Special Education and Early Intervention in Pay for Success

By Megan Carolan, Director of Policy Research In the less than ten years since it arrived on the American social policy scene, Pay for Success financing has helped finance 24 U.S. projects, including 7 focused on early childhood programs (as of this month). These projects have used innovative outcome-based financing to bring new resources to […]

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18th of September 2017

Lessons Learned: Improving Stateside PFS Transactions Through Findings from India’s first DIB for Education

By Alexis Herschkowitsch, Innovation Fellow In June, the Center for Universal Education at Brookings hosted a webinar to discuss year-two results of the world’s first Development Impact Bond (DIB) for education. For those unfamiliar, Development Impact Bonds work similarly to Social Impact Bonds; the key difference is that with a DIB the outcomes payor is generally […]

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22nd of June 2017

Building Capacities that Can Outlive a Pay for Success Project: ICS’s Coaching Model of Technical Assistance

June 22, 2017 By Mary C. Garvey, Associate Director of Pay for Success Financing “If you’ve done one Pay for Success project, you’ve done one Pay for Success project.” This saying in the Pay for Success (PFS) movement speaks to how different each PFS project, and feasibility study, can be. Doing one project has not necessarily […]

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20th of June 2017

Press Release: ICS Announces Recipients of Technical Assistance to Support Pay for Success Financing to Improve Early Childhood Outcomes in Oklahoma and Florida

PRESS RELEASE: Institute for Child Success Announces Recipients of Technical Assistance to Support Pay for Success Financing to Improve Early Childhood Outcomes in Oklahoma and Florida Contact: Mary C. Garvey Cell Phone: 202-257-9545 Email: Download press release here Greenville, South Carolina (June 20, 2017) – The Institute for Child Success (“ICS”), a grantee of the Corporation […]

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9th of May 2017

Improving Outcomes for Children: Feasibility Study Findings from Our Second Social Innovation Fund Cohort

May 9, 2017 At the Institute for Child Success, we know and honor that many communities want to do more to improve outcomes for their youngest but lack the resources or strategies to always do so.  We see Pay for Success (PFS) financing as one promising tool to make lives better for children and their […]

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25th of April 2017

Powered by ICS Coaching, City of Tempe, Arizona Moves to Expand High-Quality Preschool

The Institute for Child Success (ICS) is proud to announce an exciting result of a feasibility study it coached in Tempe, Arizona: Tempe has decided to expand free high-quality preschool!   With funds from the federal Social Innovation Fund Pay for Success (PFS) program, ICS has provided technical assistance over 10 months to guide the […]

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18th of April 2017

Voices from PFS Pioneers: “Hello Family” PFS Project in City of Spartanburg, SC

Crossposted from NFF’s Pay for Success website. Original post available here. Published Tuesday, April 18, 2017 | by Katherine Klem, Bryan Boroughs Nonprofit Finance Fund spoke with Institute for Child Success and the City of Spartanburg, South Carolina about the “Hello Family” Pay for Success Project. This blog is part of an interview series with selected project […]

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6th of February 2017

How Henry McMaster can make SC a great place for kids (Cross Post)

JAMIE MOON   Guest Columnist The State As the new leader of our state, Gov. Henry McMaster can continue our progress on early childhood issues — which know no political boundaries but benefit all South Carolinians.  The state reached its highest ranking yet for children’s well-being: 41st in the Annie E. Casey Foundation’s 2016 KIDS […]

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