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Past Events

Third Annual Conference of Early Childhood Social Impact Performance Advisors

The 3rd Annual Conference of the Early Childhood Social Impact Performance Advisors will be held June 22-24 in Denver, Colorado. Details on schedule and accommodations will follow soon.

This is a major national conference on Pay for Success (PFS) social impact financing and the only such conference focused on early childhood Pay for Success.

This year’s conference will have sessions geared toward PFS novices and sessions for those who have experience with Pay for Success. People who have attended this conference in the past are welcome to return to participate in the more advanced sessions.

More information, including how to apply for team and individual attendance, can be found on our Conference Page.

Webinar: Pay for Success from the Service Provider’s Perspective

The leaders of the agencies that are providing services in the first U.S. Pay for Success transactions shared keys to success, obstacles encountered, lessons learned, and advice to jurisdictions pursuing PFS financing.

  • Elizabeth Gaynes, President and CEO, the Osborne Association. Service provider for New York City PFS transaction
  • Sam Schaeffer, CEO, Center for Employment Opportunities. Service provider for New York State PFS transaction
  • Lili Elkins, Chief Strategy Officer, Roca. Service provider for first Massachusetts PFS transaction
  • Beth Mascitti-Miller, Chief Officer of Early Childhood Education, Chicago Public Schools. Service provider in Chicago PFS transaction

Moderator: Megan Golden, ICS Senior Fellow and Director of Pay for Success Financing

View it here.

Giving Service Providers an Edge: The Sonoma County Service Provider Readiness Accelerator Training

By Mary Garvey, Associate Director, Pay for Success Financing

October 21st marked the start of a two-day training for service providers in Sonoma County, CA. In partnership with Nonprofit Finance Fund (NFF), ICS offered the training to one of four jurisdictions as part of our Pay for Success technical assistance initiative. Sonoma County was selected based on both their interest in and need for the assistance, as well as their overwhelming dedication to the feasibility study process thus far. []

2015 Conference of the Early Childhood Social Impact Performance Advisors – San Diego

ICS held its second annual Conference of the Early Childhood Social Impact Performance Advisors. PowerPoint presentations from the conference are available here (this does not represent every presentation as several sessions did not use PowerPoint). If you were unable to join us, please read our blog highlighting major takeaways from the event.

Conference Program Available here
Attendee List Available here

ICS at the Inter-American Development Bank

ICS Senior Fellow Megan Golden was invited to lecture at the Inter-American Development Bank’s Policy Dialogues of Social Protection and Health in Lima, Peru on September 11th. She will be part of a panel on innovative management techniques to improve efficiency and access to services. Other speakers will be senior officials from the Chile Ministry of Finance, Peru’s Ministry of Development and Social Inclusion, and the state of Minas Girais, Brazil. The audience will consist of invited government officials from Latin America and the Caribbean.