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ICS develops and shares resources to contribute to the field of knowledge on Pay for Success, with a particular focus on early childhood programs:

  • Feasibility Study Templates: ICS has developed templates for use in conducting a feasibility study for jurisdictions exploring Pay for Success for early childhood programs. Several of these templates are provided here for jurisdictions exploring Pay for Success on their own, or interested in learning more about ICS’s feasibility study technical assistance process.
  • Pay for Success Feasibility Studies: ICS is pleased to release the findings from our first cohort of SIF-funded feasibility studies, focused on Connecticut; Spartanburg, South Carolina; Sonoma County, California, and Washington.
  • Publications and Presentations: Access ICS publications on the feasibility study process in South Carolina, as well as additional resources on trends in the field and lessons learned.
  • Summaries of Financed Projects: Today, there are more than 50 Pay for Success projects in development in the U.S. This page hosts summaries of each of the transactions that have been implemented, including, financing, evaluation, timeframe and expected impact