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Summaries of Financed Projects

This page was last updated December 2016. For the most up to date information on current projects and those in development, please visit PayForSuccess.Org, hosted by our colleagues at the Nonprofit Finance Fund.

Summaries of Financed Projects (combined document)

Today, there are more than 50 Pay for Success projects in development in the U.S. This chart presents parties, financing, evaluation, timeframe and expected impact related to Pay for Success transactions that have been implemented in the United States so far.

Chicago Parent-Child Center Initiative

Chicago Public Schools and the City of Chicago expanded the Child-Parent Center preschool model to increase the number of students receiving high-quality early education.

Cuyahoga County Partnering for Family Success Program

Cuyahoga County, Ohio, has implemented the Partnering for Family Success PFS Program to aid children and families at the intersection of homelessness and the child welfare system. This is first county-level PFS deal

Denver Social Impact Bond Initiative: Permanent Supportive Housing

The City and County of Denver have implemented the Permanent Support Housing PFS project to support chronically homeless individuals who struggle with mental health and substance abuse challenges and frequently interact with the police, jail, detox, and emergency care systems.

Massachusetts Recidivism Reduction and Employment Initiative

Massachusetts has implemented the Roca model of training and re-engagement as a juvenile justice intervention. The goal is to reduce recidivism of young male ex-offenders.

Massachusetts Chronic Individual Homelessness Pay for Success Initiative

Based on Massachusetts Housing and Shelter Alliance’s “Home & Healthy for Good” program, the Pay for Success initiative integrates housing and supportive services to reduce rates of chronic homelessness for individuals.

New York City Rikers Island Recidivism Reduction Initiative

New York City implemented the Adolescent Behavioral Learning Experience program’s Moral Reconation Therapy to reduce recidivism of young people ages 16-18 entering the juvenile justice system through Rikers Island.

New York State Recidivism Reduction and Employment Initiative

New York State implemented the Center for Employment Opportunity’s transitional employment model to reduce recidivism and promote the employment of recently released ex-offenders on parole.

Santa Clara Project Welcome Home

Santa Clara’s Project Welcome Home aims to reduce chronic homelessness via PFS using a “Housing First” approach coupled with Assertive Community Treatment that identifies, coordinates, and delivers appropriate supports.

South Carolina Nurse–Family Partnership Pay for Success Project

South Carolina’s project expands the Nurse-Family Partnership home-visiting program to improve outcomes for mothers and children.

Utah High Quality Pre-School Initiative

Utah’s Salt Lake County and Park City have implemented a High Quality Pre-School Program to increase success in school and reduce the need for special education services.