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Transaction Structuring

Pay for Success (PFS) Project in Spartanburg, SC in Transaction Structuring

ICS is leading the transaction structuring work for a PFS project in Spartanburg, South Carolina, in partnership with the City of Spartanburg, Mary Black Foundation, and others.  The project is designed to provide a continuum of services, including home visiting and other parent supports, to young children and families in Spartanburg.  This project sits within the broader envisioned Hello Family continuum of services in Spartanburg that will offer greater access to high-quality early learning, including an expanded Pre-K continuous quality improvement system and a model early learning center, to form a comprehensive age 0-5 support structure for City families.

This work is made possible by an approximately $200,000 grant from the Nonprofit Finance Fund, supported by the Social Innovation Fund.  The project team is raising cash match and in-kind match such that the total value of support for transaction structuring work will exceed $400,000.

This project is slated to be the first PFS project in a U.S. community of this size, the first to include multiple early childhood interventions, and the first to prioritize serving all children in a community. You can view the original feasibility study, conducted by ICS and local partners, here.

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